Ottar and Inger

We were guests at apartment D6 from 24. July till 6. august, 4 persons the first week, and 5 persons the last week.
The apartment are first class, furniture and everything, and the swimming pool and garden area around are also super.
As we have been in Side for vacation for about 8 seasons, we soon settled down to the usual routine. A swim in the pool, before breakfast on the terrace. Then a walk to our favourite beach, Beach Club on the East side of Side Centrum, where we have lunch every day, and swim in the sea (29 deg C). We walk back to the apartment around 17 o’clock for a shower. In the evening we go to one of several restaurants in the area, or in Side Centrum, for dinner. Special thanks to the Address restaurant, which made the celebration of Inger’s anniversary fantastic for all 20 guests. We would also like to thank Apollo restaurant and Omur Restaurant, were we also had 20 guests.
This year we concentrated on having holyday, so we didn’t go to the market in Side or Manavgat, but did most of our shopping at the Vera supermarket, top quality vegetables and always open. The weather was stable as always in summer, temperature between 30 and 35 degees except for a few days in the second week were we had above 40 degrees, as the wind turned and came from the mountains in the north. Thank you for letting us rent your apartment, we will certainly think of doing the same in the future years.